Hi there!

My name is Bas. I’m living in the town of Voorschoten, which is near Leiden in The Netherlands. Originally, I am from Bergen op Zoom, which is in the south of the Netherlands. I am a Product Owner for all (mostly cloud) infrastructure at Cobase, working mostly with Microsoft Azure. As Cobase is a growing company, I also act as a teamlead for the infrastructure team, and am the domain/solution architect for all our infrastructure.

I’ve started out working remote techical support for J.D. Edwards. Due to the fact that this ERP suite is running on a lot of systems, I gained experience with all kind of operating systems, databases, application servers. I also got a lot of exposure in managing incidents and keeping customers happy.

After doing this for over 7 years, I decided I wanted to be a consultant. I became a Oracle Fusion Middleware consultant with a focus on WebLogic, after which I moved into general integration. For the last couple of years, my focus was mostly with Microsoft Azure, on which we run complex microservice applications with container orchestration systems. All managed as infrastructure-as-code!

Working as a cloud engineer for Cobase as an external consultant, I moved into an internal role to lead the infrastructure department. I train more junior engineers and make sure Cobase is ready for everything they want to throw at their infrastructure. Its a very diverse job, giving me a lot of challenges and a lot of opportunities to grow my (non-technical) skills.

As the world is moving fast, and IT is moving even faster, I decided to start this blog in the middle of 2015. The main purpose of this blog is to share knowledge with.. myself. Writing it down allows me to forget the details, and makes room to learn even more! During the years, I moved from being a system administrator to more of an architect role, and it is really nice to see myself developing into new roles over the years.

If you would like to learn more about me, feel free to contact me on TwitterMastodon, LinkedIn or on other places online you might find me.